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Hearing Loss Treatment in Jefferson City, MO

For some, the thought of wearing a hearing device makes them feel old. In reality, improved hearing helps prevent accelerated aging. Untreated hearing loss not only can decrease your lifespan, but, it can also lead to a faster decline in cognitive abilities and increase the likelihood of dementia.

Well over 30 million Americans, of all ages, report having some degree of hearing loss. Many of these people could reconnect themselves to the sounds they love if they chose to use hearing aids. Our goal is to help anyone who feels they may be experiencing the negative impact of hearing loss in their daily life take the first step. Below are several videos displaying the causes, progression, impact and statistics of hearing loss in the United States. If you, or a loved one, are ready for your free hearing appointment, simply submit your information on our Contact Us page and we will be in touch to schedule an appointment at your convenience.