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Can't begin to say enough good things about Kimberly and her staff. They make you feel comfortable right from the beginning. She is very patient and cares about her clientele. I would highly recommend her to anyone having difficulty with their hearing!

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Carol Oetting, on Google

I had a very noticeable and complicated hearing hearing problem. I had been to two other Dr. hearing aid dispensers and had not obtained satisfaction. I made an appointment at Kim's office. She spent a very long time analyzing my hearing issues. However, when she was done, I could actually hear better than I had ever heard with my other two hearing aids. She is very thorough and conscientious about her follow ups and makes further adjustments or rechargeable battery replacement as needed near the two year mark. Appointments are easy to make simply by calling the nice young lady at the front desk or Kim herself. The program she installs on your Apple Iphone allows you to make some adjustments yourself and I find myself using the "Find My Phone" feature via the hearing aid Bluetooth connection occasionally also.

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James McDowell, on Google

Great experience. Kim is very knowledgeable, patient and helpful. Would highly recommend going for a free consultation to see if hearing aids would be right for you. There is no pressure to buy.

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Ann Robertson, on Google

Hearing Aid Consultants are very professional, attentive, and friendly. Kim clearly has the expertise to meet the needs for those of us with hearing issues. I feel much confidence in her listening and understanding my needs and making applicable adjustments.

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Susan Moore, on Google

Very pleased with my experience with Hearing Aid Consultants. Kim was very thorough.Brenda was pleasant to deal with. Much better and nicer than my previous provider. I highly recommend them if you want to get professional and courteous service.

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Thomas Throneberry, on Google

Dear Dale and Kim:

I want to thank you for the wonderful service that you provide. I have been wearing hearing aids for about thirty years and have never had the service from any provider as I have from you.

I have worn five different aids and now wear Audibel. The first aids were over the ear type and worked pretty good until I had ear surgery twice in the right ear around 1981. I had a prosthesis implanted in that ear at that time, after which I had problems with the right aid. I switched over to a different brand for both ears and they were great. When these aids started giving me trouble, I couldn’t get the insurance to pay for new ones, so I switched over to a brand that my insurance would cover. I never did get a good fit and had many problems, so I switched to yet another brand. I was never satisfied that I had a good fit in the right ear and had other problems with them as well. So I purchased Starkey hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Consultants of Jefferson City tested my hearing, set molds, and fitted the aids for me. They also provided a wonderful service of keeping the aids cleaned and my ears free of wax accumulation on a regular basis. I cannot tell you how much that friendship and service has meant to me. This past year I broke the right aid, and had it replaced with a Audibel Hearing Aid. I am very pleased with its performance and, of course, the wonderful service that continues.

In closing, I just want to thank you for all that you do for those of us who have a hearing defect. Thanks seem to be so inadequate for all that you do, but I do surely thank you. May God bless each of you abundantly for many years to come.

Sincerely yours,

A very satisfied patient,

Bob F.

If you have a hearing problem call Hearing Aid Consultants in Jefferson City, MO. You will receive excellent service. They care about your problem. They have taken care of me for 14 or 15 years. They are always friendly and courteous. They also clean your hearing aids every 3 months. I wouldn’t think of going any place else.

A very satisfied patient,

Alberta R.

I have been using Audibel hearing aids for the last eight years and have been very pleased with them. These are the only hearing aids I have ever had so I can only speak about them and the high quality service that Hearing Aid Consultants has provided. They always schedule you for cleaning the hearing aids on a regular basis. Also, if you have trouble of any kind with your hearing, they are always ready to assist you without prior notice. You couldn’t ask for better people to do business with or ask for a better product.

Rudy L.

My Audibel hearing aids contribute to a better way of life. They enable me to hear the beauty of my beloved ones voices. Testing determined and closely matched my hearing loss. Special tones indicate the availability of my listening needs – such as ordinary conversations, listening on the telephone, hearing in large auditoriums and busy market areas. Audibel hearing aids provide amplification of sounds without whistle or squeal. They signal me when a new battery is needed. My hearing aids help to eliminate insecurity, anxiety, isolation, and depression. THANKS Hearing Aid Consultants!

Clarence B.