Single-Sided Hearing Loss

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Single-Sided Hearing Loss

Solutions for people with hearing loss in mainly one ear.

Product Features

We typically recommend either a CROS or a BiCROS system. A CROS system consists of a single microphone and single receiver contained in two individual devices (one for each ear). The ear with little-to-no functional hearing is fit with the microphone-equipped device, and the ear with normal hearing is fit with the receiver-equipped device. Sound arriving at the ear with hearing loss will then transmit through a wireless connection to the receiver-equipped device on the normal-hearing ear — to help you hear sounds regardless of which side they’re coming from.

A BiCROS system consists of a microphone-equipped device that is fit to the poorer-hearing ear and a conventional hearing aid fit to the better-hearing ear that has some hearing loss.

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Hearing Aid Consultants is a great company to work with I go in every couple months to get my hearing aids checked, they are courteous, friendly and prompt I highly recommend them!

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Gary Norment, on Google

Much more than just a hearing aid. Great service and i purchased my earpieces 2 yrs ago! Won’t happen from a Costco or Sam’s Aquisition. Thks Kim

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Global Traveller, on Google

Kim and her crew are always so friendly and professional. I have and will continue to recommend Hearing Aid Consultants to anyone in need.

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balling Bell, on Google

I had a very noticeable and complicated hearing hearing problem. I had been to two other Dr. hearing aid dispensers and had not obtained satisfaction. I made an appointment at Kim's office. She spent a very long time analyzing my hearing issues. However, when she was done, I could actually...

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James McDowell, on Google

Kim has always been so caring and professional in helping me get the most out of my hearing aids. Her office support staff are also “top-notch” in every way to set up appointments and reminding me of when they are close. I am very grateful for the HAC team!

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Mark Kempker, on Google